I felt a calling. For as long as I can remember, I felt a calling. A calling to live a more beautiful life. For years I I felt I was starring in the wrong movie. I felt lost. I tried to numb myself, I tried to positively rationalize myself out of it. But there was always this voice inside: there is another life waiting for you. The life that you were meant to live. I didn’t have a clue of what that would look like. I just felt a crystal clarity that it was there, in the invisible, waiting to be uncovered. And although back then I felt I was the only one, I know now that there are millions of women out there who feel the same.

When I start out my program with clients, I always ask them: “What is it that you would like to see changed by the end of our program?” It always comes down to the same answer: I just want to be Me. Weather the struggle is on the level of purpose and career, of health, of love and relationships.. It is never about gaining more status, a higher position, more money, more of anything. It is about More Of Me. Together we unravel what that me looks like. This is not vague or whoo whoo. This is very tangible and unmistakenly clear. It’s like falling in love. When you actually are in love with someone, You Just Know

When you are on purpose you know. When you walk your destiny path, You Just Know.

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