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Could this be You?

I had this job. Traveled abroad a lot. And was kind of on the high way. And now with the move I crashed. Against this concrete wall and I’m still behind that wall. That feeling… But from the outside everything looks very good. It’s not that I have a horrible life.

I did everything. Cooking, cleaning… I did it all myself. Why? Well, you know, I’m a stay-at-home-mom so I can do that, yes??! My husband is working and I do the rest.”

But one day it was too much and I started feeling worse real fast. That’s how my body told me, stop right here.

I don’t work right now. Now I’m actually more tired at the end of the day and what have I accomplished? I still feel very busy. One goes to school, the other one to kindergarden, groceries, shopping, swimming… And I easily fall asleep with them at 8, with a book in my hand.


I used to feel appreciated and valued at work. Now I get no concrete results, no network, no inspiration, no contribution. I feel I use my brain 5%.

When my second child goes to school, do I want to go back to work the way I did? Or is this an opportunity for me to change?

Kids are OK now after the move, but I’m not sure anymore where I want to be. There is no time for me to reflect on what it is that I want to do. Let alone execute it.

Maybe my demands are too high…

          “If you are not free to be who you are, you are not free” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Are you tired? Do you know deep down that you are a strong woman but you don’t feel it? Do you know that you have the power to change things yet if you are honest you have been feeling trapped for years in situations that you cannot seem to get out of?

Are you usually the problem-solver or the go-to-person but you would like to have someone to turn to yourself this time?

You have probably heard several times that your expectations of life are too high.

That you should stop wondering and just go on living.

That nobody can have it all.

Have you tried this and come to the conclusion that you cannot settle for it?

Or maybe you felt angry and rebellious right away that this was not true (at least not for you)?



And I applaud you for still remembering. For not letting go of your desires. They are the seeds of your potential. It means your inner flame is still burning brightly.

Your desires are the fuel. For creating the life that you were meant to live. Not in the -old traditional- patriarchal way. But in the natural way. Creation in the way in was intended to be for women.

Reclaiming that way of creating will return our genuine power to us. That authentic power we so yearn for to live our lives. To care for others and ourselves. To create a life worth living. For our families, for our children, for our world. To reach a level of success on our own terms. To have the strength to take the road less travelled maybe.

My Approach

One on one coaching allows for depth and personal focus. The sessions take place online via Zoom. 1 to 1,5 hour long. For 12 weeks.

Honest Results

Living the life of your purpose. That’s a big promise. It doesn’t refer to a pleasant life without uncomfortable emotions. It means being equipped to take the next step. On your unique path. Knowing that you are on the right path gives a tremendous sense of power and fulfillment and inner peace.

Coaching online
12 weeks intensive
unlimited e-mail contact
real results at the end

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How I lost my identity and found myself

“From as young as I can remember, I was looking for the deeper meaning of life. I strongly felt that life invited me to live my talents, contribute to other people’s well-being and thrive in that way. Eventhough my life back then hardly represented any of that. My search took me to live on various places on the globe. I found that moving to a different country, with a different language, with a different culture, was the best way to discover the essence of who I am.

It is my mission to guide women into clarity about their purpose. A woman who walks her destiny path is healthy, radiant, beautiful, strong and soft, happy. The mother we have always wanted to have. Now we are mothers ourselves, let’s become her. And even if you have not given birth physically, you are birthing things into this world every day. And you are probably a mother for other people in another form. The creative flow of life is in every woman.”

I am a global citizen. Dutch by birth (1977), wife, mother of 2, certified coach, Msc in social science (VU Amsterdam), former expat, yoga aficionado, passionate reader, foreign language lover, entrepreneurial blood.

Here you will find a wealth of information if you are one of those women who feels a strong calling.

One you cannot ignore any longer.

A calling to living the life you were meant to live.

A life of meaning and purpose. And you feel the urge to become crystal clear about your unique destiny path.

Mirjam has been a true blessing for me in this process. She has a great intuition and felt where I have been stuck and has provided a lot of great guidance and exercises to move past an obstacle. For example, she has gone above and beyond to explain logically why I couldn’t trust the universe and giving me an outlook on how I could shift my mindset. Thank you very much for being on my side on this journey, Mirjam. You are wonderful and helped me make so many fundamental shifts that I wasn’t capable of doing myself. Even with help of programs, retreats, books and therapists…

Sophia, HR Project Manager

Mirjam’s support and guidance to trust in myself supported me to realize what I want. To quite the job I don’t like and make a living as an artist. Every week Mirjam guided me in ways that have really helped me to trust in myself. The practices helped me to tap into my inner knowing. I feel so comforted knowing I can go within for answers and guidance. I also feel part of paving the path for future generations. Showing that we can let go, follow our dreams and trust in the process. I particularly appreciate Mirjam’s amazing listening skills. That gave me such clarity. Grateful for her caring, authentic, honest and knowledgeable approach!

Carol, artist

The coaching program gave me clarity, tools and awareness.

Mirjam has amazing intuition. Combined with very action and results oriented, which I liked. Great explaining and guiding through the concepts.

I have started my journey towards my overall purpose and mission in life.

And I have been able to make big decisions because of the clarity I gained. From an anchor I can always tap into for future decisions.

Kenlyn, Account Director Global creative company Amsterdam

I have experienced incredible synchronicities over the last 2 months.

I have started to express myself authentically with confidence and ease. I automatically magnetised new customers and clients that need my help. I now helped dozens of people with my work and started my community with 6 new customers.

I find it easier to give up trying to control the ‘how’s and allowing space to magnetise the resources and support that is all around me and for things to flow naturally.

As soon as I started to focus my attention on where the most energy was, it seems life started to shift and move in support of my desires and without my effort.

Unexpected money came to me allowing me to take action where I am needing support. I now have clarity and am expanding my destiny intentions.

My way is ok, I don’t have to do the things like other people do, just create in the ways that feel right for me. I feel energised and excited about limitless possibilities.

I realise the path that I walked and all the resources and skills I already have. I realised just how big my network is and how connected I am to thousands of people, people who I have had impact on.

Lisa, entrepreneur

I started out in a job that I don’t like. Wanting to move into a job that makes a difference. In which I have freedom and flexibility of my own schedule. A job that challenges and is deeply fulfilling, helping others.

Therefor I needed to gain more confidence in the way I’m showing up, caring less about what others think or doing things to please others. Having control over my emotions.

Most valuable in the coaching program was Mirjam keeping me accountable – encouraging me to think of tangible and practical ways to keep me focused and on track.

Thank you for creating a safe, non-judgemental space for exploration and true expression. For asking the tough questions and patiently waiting and listening, then offering encouragement.

I came out of the program knowing how to just BE and fully feel emotions. I realised that what I have to offer matters. Even if it’s scary to show the true me, it’s important to do it, despite of what we’re conditioned to believe.

I now present myself with more confidence. I speak up more in professional settings and it has landed me a new job I am truly excited about!

Catherine, Operations and HR coordinator in Amsterdam

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