The expat rental win/win

Last month I guided an expat that actually doesn’t need half of the guidance that other internationals might need. It was not his first time living in Amsterdam. As for many expats and free movers, he feels at home travelling and international environments are his natural habitat. He speaks several languages.   

Even so, he knew from experience that it is not so easy to find a nice place to live in Amsterdam. He is working full time plus travelling a lot for his job. How to find the time to do house searching? And where to start?

That’s where Expat Life came in. 

After a thorough intake I could picture crystal clear what the ideal place for him would look like. I selected a few places and made appointments with the real estate agents that were renting out. The apartment of his preference could be viewed on a specific evening and only then. However, he would still be travelling and would not arrive to Amsterdam till the next day.

The viewing proceeded without my client being there. The owners were there to guide me through the place themselves so I had the chance to connect with them. There is relatively short time to build trust. On average 10 minutes while viewing. Often the owners leave it in the hands of a rental agent or real estate agent to do it for them and they don’t get to meet the tenant at all.

At Expat Life we believe that the relationship between owner and tenant is the base for a pleasant rental period for both parties.

What you want to create from the start is a win win situation.

As a house owner you want

  • your (mostly furnished) apartment to be well taken care of
  • your tenant to inform you clearly when things need to be fixed
  • your tenants to maintain the place well and keep it clean
  • the monthly rent paid on time without you having to ask for it

The tenant on the other hand wants

  • to land in their rental place
  • they may have specific requirements that the owner can provide them with, in order for them to feel more at home
  • when the washing machine breaks down you want to be able to call the owner and see some problem solving fast

At the base of this win win situation is a good communication.

Make sure the people you hire to assist you in your search are capable and focused on clear communication!



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