Renting versus buying: satisfied with your home on the long run

When expats come to Amsterdam, knowing that they will stay for at least 4-5 years, the recommendation is to buy. Buying a house is a big thing for most people and certainly more difficult in a country that is not your own.

So I wanted to get to know a good professional real estate agent, who is a member of the NVM (Dutch association for brokers and real estate experts). To be able to refer clients that have already rented with the assistance of Expat Life and want to buy, or people that think they want to rent but in the end decide to buy after giving it some thoughts and calculations.

In general I am always looking for professionals in my work field that have complementary services and work from the same vision as Expat Life. 9 out of 10 times I get introduced to a ‘colleague’ expat service provider by someone I know and trust. When that happens, I make the effort to meet the people in person. So last week I visited a real estate agent located in the centre of Amsterdam.

It was a warm welcome (not only because of the 30degrees..) I met two people passionate about their work, with a vision similar to mine: to make people happy with their home. Not only because they have come to the end of their search but people happy with their home on the long run.  

Where their services focus on assisting their clients in the best possible way with buying a place, I focus on rentals and the rest of the landing process. The added value of our services are quite similar though. By asking the right questions we make expats/internationalists/free movers look at the situation from different angles:

  • Have you thought of what this place is going to be like in winter? Do you know how much traffic you will encounter when traveling from home to work?
  • We make you look ahead in time. Will this place still be what you need when you have -let’s say- a child in 2 years time?
  • The price of a house is strongly connected to the location. Is this rental or selling price indeed the ongoing rate for the area I’m at?
  • We have a better negotiation position because it is our comfort zone where it all takes place: in our language, in our area of expertise. 
  • We know more about the different areas and neighbourhoods than you so we can suggest things you would never have thought of yourself. 
  • We screen the market daily for new available houses that match your search profile and plan all the viewings.  
  • We make sure you have everything ready to act fast when you see a house you like.

The results are that you will save yourself time and money and a lot of hassle. Buying seems to be more of a risk even in terms of money but don’t be mistaken about the rental prices. You can easily spend a lot of money on rent in one year time in Amsterdam. Best that you spend it on a place that is enjoyable and the right choice for you! 

Contact me for further details on the real estate agent specialised in buying property, or take a look at what Expat Life can do for you here.



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