One giant of an expat opportunity that will take you far in life

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When you are an expat or global mover, it is very likely that you are open to other people’s ways. You will find out soon enough that this country and its people base their lives on different values than you might have done so far. Understand that the way you were raised is not necessarily their way

What does this make you? A student! Automatically. When you are not open to learn, it’s easier to pack your bags and take the first plane back.

You have to let the people you meet teach you.


The difference between people that keep their capacity to learn and those that lose it along the way is huge in terms of both happiness and wealth.


Most of us are taught at school not to make mistakes. That’s weird. We are at school to learn. Learning comes with making mistakes.

That’s why the most successful people in life will tell you that making mistakes is part of the reason they became successful – because they learned. Ironically, most of them didn’t do well in school but did very well in life.

This student perspective might not be the reason why you moved abroad, and you may not even be aware of it. But an expat life comes with the gift of being a student.

Allow yourself to be a student and become a teacher at the same time.

It is not about forgetting your values, experiences and preferences, of course. Teach others how to treat you as well as learn how others want to be treated.






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