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An expat’s life may sound exciting and romantic, and to a certain extend it is. However, in reality it isn’t always a bed of roses. There are a million things to consider, arrange, organize, apprehend, see to, etc.

Moving house is marked to be number one on the stress ladder. Moving house to a foreign country adds to this.

Some people are brave, sturdy and adventurous enough to dive into the new living situation head first. And some aren’t.

Perhaps you are an old pro, have done this a dozen of times, know what you are doing and could still use assistance. Perhaps you are brand new to the whole expat adventure and would like some help.

Here is an example of what may be happening inside an expat’s mind.

–       Whom can I trust and who will help me set up my new life?

–       Internet is great, but the overwhelming overload of information is staggering.

–       I don’t know where to begin and I can’t see the wood for the trees.

–       I need to rent a house in Amsterdam, and I have no idea what the market is like.

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–       Will people try to take me for a ride?

–       Change can be nice but it can also be upsetting.

–       What about school for the kids? Will they be able to make friends?

–       And what about me? Yet another social circle to be created.

–       On to another round of parties, events and functions, just to meet people.

–       An Expat’s life can be lonely.

–       What about the neighbors? Will they speak English (Spanish)?

–       Where can I get the food that I am used to and what about groceries?

–       How do I find a good doctor, a dentist and where is the nearest hospital?

–       Everything takes up so much time.

–       I want to start enjoying Amsterdam, instead of having to deal with all the red tape. 

–       I want to be one step ahead of any problem that may arise.

–       It is very important to make our life work. I don’t want to become a failure at it.

Does this sound familiar? This roller coaster is enough to drive anyone crazy, so let’s not go there. Instead, keep reading to find out what we can do for you. Read more

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