About Expat Life

Expat Life has been founded by Mirjam Boogaart.

The short version:

Global citizen, Dutch by birth (1977), wife, mother of 2, certified coach, Msc in social science (VU Amsterdam), former expat, yoga aficionado, passionate reader, foreign language lover, entrepreneurial blood.

It is my mission to guide women into clarity about their purpose. A woman who walks her destiny path is healthy, radiant, beautiful, strong and soft, happy. The mother we have always wanted to have J Now we are mothers ourselves, let’s become her.

I see a world where leadership is much more defined by the feminine. To make this a reality women need an authentic source of power. A source of power connected to themselves, the whole, and eachother.

A time of transition is a time of change. When old structures come down, there is an opportunity for growth. It can be a time of transformation. Transformation is letting go of the old and stepping into the new. This is a beautiful magical yet uncomfortable and delicate process.

There are many many women in this world hungry for self-actualization. Expats as well as mothers inevitably go through a period of transition. What an amazing opportunity. You cannot walk this path alone. (Believe me, I’ve tried.)

Self-realisation requires a safe container for growth. A non-judgemental space to explore. Where someone actually listens, reflects and amplifies you. Someone who sees you greatness as well as your imperfections.

What others say:


Mirjam is a brilliant coach, she is very friendly, calm and efficient. By asking the right questions and chosing the right material (questionnaires and literature) she helped me to identify my real goals in life and work. She has a good feeling for people and their moods. We were talking about things in general and the little details and Mirjam would understand easily and help me to identify the real problem and how to tackle it. – Verena Junginger (Germany), Global Account Management Spring Global Mail

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