About how EXPAT LIFE can help you turn your international experience in Amsterdam into an amazing opportunity 

As an expat, free mover or international resident coming to Amsterdam you want to make the most out of this experience.

You want to start enjoying Amsterdam, instead of having to deal with all the red tape.

I’m here to show you how to make efficient use of your time, your money, your energy and your relationships, while you are settling in.

In addition, I can identify possible opportunities that you are missing out on. Do you realize that moving countries is a huge opportunity to start living the life you love? One that could be more fulfilling than ever before?

What others say:


Mirjam is a brilliant coach, she is very friendly, calm and efficient. By asking the right questions and chosing the right material (questionnaires and literature) she helped me to identify my real goals in life and work. She has a good feeling for people and their moods. We were talking about things in general and the little details and Mirjam would understand easily and help me to identify the real problem and how to tackle it. – Verena Junginger (Germany), Global Account Management Spring Global Mail


One of the main issues when settling in, is moving house. You may want to rent a house in Amsterdam but you have no idea what the market is like.

Be sure to get a copy of my Free Housing report, 4 steps to rent the best house for you in the Amsterdam region, which comes with two-weekly articles with valuable Expat information.



I hired Mirjam to assist me find suitable housing in Amsterdam and it was a great success. She provided a detailed and highly reliable service through the entire process from doing the search, arranging the viewings and finally helping with the contract. She constantly provide me independent advice about rules and regulations, which in addition to saving lots of time made the process hassle free. I would recommend Mirjam’s service to anyone looking for housing in Amsterdam.
– N.P. Jahns (Denmark)- Quality Manager Suit Supply

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Expat Life has been founded by Mirjam Boogaart.

Having been an international resident in several countries myself, I know what it’s like. This is why I started the Expat Life company. My extensive experience will help smooth the transition to your new life in the Netherlands—so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

And I know what an amazing opportunity lies in moving abroad…  Moving country comes with mandatory change.

Change doesn’t always feel comfortable but change can be taken advantage of.

To get rid of habits that don’t serve you and start living the life you love.

In addition to my real life expat experience (my most important “degree”), I have a Masters in Culture, Organization and Management from the Free University of Amsterdam, and a Bachelor in Higher European Business Studies.  I am trained in process facilitation and communication, Non-Violent Communication, and speak fluent Dutch, Spanish and English.

In 2000, a lifelong fascination with other cultures finally resulted in my first international move to Barcelona and a few years later Seville. I fell in love with the language. My studies brought me back to The Hague. After some years of working in an office I decided this was definitely not going to be my future. I packed my bags again to live and work in Costa Rica. After two years I was fluent in Spanish.

In fact, it had always been easy for me to pack my bags and head for unfamiliar territory. I loved figuring out how things worked, making new contacts. Each environment appealed to a different part of me, and left me with a wealth of experiences I still bank on daily.

Yet when I moved to Seville for the second time in 2010 to start an independent coaching business (back in the days when that was rare), it was more than a little challenging. Now it was not just a question of building a network of friends; I also needed to get a business going.  That’s hard enough at home; navigating local rules and regulations turned out to be a lot more draining than I had expected.

I already spoke fluent Spanish, but the culture of Seville was very specific to that city. I found myself bumping up against unwritten rules, dos and don’ts no one ever quite spelled out for me. It was hard for me to find my feet.  Past experience and a degree in Culture, Organization and Management meant I had some idea how things worked, yet I still didn’t feel at home.

I needed someone I could turn to with all kinds of questions about big and small things. Someone who could give me the whole story, rather than the bits and pieces. At first I had a dear friend who guided me, unfortunately our ways separated. After a while I managed to gather on my own, and which left me more confused than ever.  Someone who understood me, who spoke “my language”—and by that I don’t mean Dutch—who could give me clear sound information.  Someone with the vision to see my big picture—even when I lost sight of it.  Someone willing to be a sounding board, to answer even unanswerable questions like, “How will I possibly make enough money?” And: “Will I ever feel at home?” And: “Am I in the right place to realize my dream—or is this just a colossal waste of time?”

In the course of my stay, I met many international residents.  I knew I was not the only one asking these questions.

This is exactly what I offer through Expat-Life: a professional settle service, with caring support to make your life in the Amsterdam area as smooth as possible.

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