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Expat life will not be the same

There were times that you could be pretty sure that a trailing spouse was a woman. Well, not anymore. Heineken reports that among their 500 employees 20 out of 80 are women now, whereas eight years ago it was only 4 women against 96 men. (source: Financieel Dagblad, 14 april 2014) Weather the partner is male or female, we all know by now that the partner of the expat plays a crucial role in the … [Read More...]


Are you suffering from time famine?

Have you ever felt consumed by your to-do list? Then you are not alone. I see it in my friends, my clients, my co-workers and not in the last place in myself. While people actually value 'having enough time' more than anything. Having enough time or not makes a huge difference to our sense of … [Lees meer ...]


Election day in Amsterdam

Election day in Amsterdam┬ácoming up also for expats. On 19 March 2014, people living in Amsterdam have the opportunity to vote for a new City Council. All EU citizens can vote in these local elections, as can other nationals who have officially lived in the city for more than five years. For … [Read More...]


Do you find the Netherlands expat unfriendly?

The Netherlands placed last out of 25 countries.. That’s what a survey showed in an article I read last week: According to the Expat Explorer Survey carried out for HSBC Bank International the Netherlands placed last out of 25 countries, making it the most expat unfriendly country you could hope for. Only 36% of expats […]

How to avoid loneliness after moving abroad

Twenty years ago immigrating meant that communication with friends and family was little and far between. A letter or expensive phone call now and then were the options. Nowadays the internet has brought a big change to this. Communication is cheap and direct. Distance is not an obstacle anymore. You would think loneliness would be […]

Powerful tools to increase well-being abroad

Last week I’ve shared with you the importance of creating a relationship of positivity. This is not about ‘positive thinking’. It’s about redirecting your focus. To help out, here are a few questions that make you focus on what you enjoy in Amsterdam. What makes my day here? What do I find enjoyable about being […]

Who’s the boss?

Last weeks article was about the number of ways you can look at an issue simply by creating other perspectives. The circumstances of living in Amsterdam will remain essentially the same no matter how you look at it. But your looking at the situation will have an enormous impact. Click to Tweet: All too often […]

Is culture shock affecting you? Take matters into your own hands

Do you feel disempowered ever since your move to the Amsterdam region? You might be suffering the second stage of culture shock. Last weeks article briefly explained the five stages of the Culture Shock phenomenon. Remember, not every stage happens to every person and they do not necessarily have a linear progression. So the good […]

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